Suitemate Requests

Suitemate or multiple roommate requests

The “Request a Roommate” step of the Housing application allows you to form a roommate group with only one individual.  There is not an option to form a group amongst students that want to coordinate to with suitemate(s) or multiple roommates within a triple room. 

If you find that to be a need, you can send a request by email to Housing Information for suitemates or multiple roommates.  The message should include the name and ID#s of those involved in the request.  We ask that all students involved in a suitemate or multiple roommate request send a confirming email to Housing Info.  Once received, UNT Assignments Office staff create a roommate group and update your application to show all accepted requests through your eHousing Application summary. 

Individuals with application room preferences that do not match to allow for suitemate or roommate pairing will not be grouped in a suitemate/multiple roommate group.