Internet Connectivity

Internet Connectivity and Support Info

UNT Housing partners with Apogee to provide internet service within the residence halls. 


Follow the below steps to access the 5G Wi-Fi network:

  1. Select MyResNet-5G as the Wi-Fi network from your computer, phone, or tablet
  2. Enter your UNT EUID and school password when prompted
  3. Select Connect
  4. Acknowledge the request to “trust the network or certificate” to complete the device connection

Device connection utilizes your UNT EUID and password.  When students change their EUID password with UNT it will require and update to the MyResNet Wi-Fi network password.  This can be completed by forgetting or removing the MyResNet-5G from your known networks and reconnecting using the set up steps.


For devices like Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles or other Smart Devices that do not have a graphical user interface (GUI), follow the below steps to connect to the Wi-Fi network or wired connection to an available Ethernet port in your room:

  1. Make sure you have already connected at least one device to WiFi - MyResNet-5G so your account is updated in the RESNET user portal
  2. Using a RESNET connected device, open your browser and go to
  3. Sign in with your UNT EUID and school password when prompted
  4. Use the “Add” feature to submit the MAC address for the device
    • The “Device Help” can assist in identifying the MAC address
    • Confirm that your device does not have Private Address or Random MAC Address features turned on
  5. Once the device shows “Pending” on the homepage, the device is ready to connect.
    • For Wi-Fi connection, select the device to MyDevices network on the device
    • For a Wired connection, once the device shows “pending”, connect the Ethernet cable or cycle the device’s power to connect to the network


If you need any help registering or connecting your devices, a support representative is available 24 hours a day to assist you. 

•    Call MyResNet support at 1-888-478-8871
•    Email
•    Text ResNet to 202-980-7135
•    Chat live at