Overview Of Housing

Kerr Hall

On-campus Housing Requirement

UNT requires those who meet the below criteria to reside in university-operated residence halls, as long as space is available:

  • All unmarried undergraduate students who have graduated from high school the semester prior to enrolling at the UNT, 
  • Who have completed fewer than thirty (30) semester hours of university work (hours completed while in high school through AP, dual credit, etc. are not considered in the thirty hours), and
  • Who are enrolled for nine or more semester hours.

UNT's on campus residency requirement is based on the contribution to students’ academic achievement and general well-being that are key outcomes of the residential experience. 

Residence Life

UNT offers on-campus housing in order to contribute to students’ success. 

Students who live on campus have higher GPAs, a larger support network, direct access to faculty and staff, and are more likely to graduate on time. You will be engaged through one-on-one interactions, community connections, and campus events.

Your resident assistant is your gateway to campus resources and will put on events designed to help you explore your identity, understand other cultures, or relax and unwind. RAs are students just like you, and can equip you to persist and succeed through your college career and guide you through your university experience.

A community director manages each residence hall. This master’s-educated live-in professional is your staff connection to the university, and can help you find opportunities to engage with the campus community at a higher level. CDs supervise the RAs, oversee community development, and are resources for some of the heavier things college students encounter. 

Full-time desk staff manage the front desk in each residence hall, and part-time desk staff operate the desk outside of regular business hours. Desk staff are the first point of contact for minor issues or customer service needs in the residence halls. Desk staff also direct package distribution when students receive packages through UPS, FedEx, or any other non-US Postal Service parcel services.

Living Learning Communities (LLCs)

LLCs are communities within the residence halls that bring students together who share the same major or interest.
If you are interested, check the information on our LLCs for general knowledge about the program.

Hall Councils

Each Residence Hall has its own individual hall council that provides a variety of programs and serves as the students’ voice to the hall staff. Joining a Hall Council is an excellent way to get involved in campus life and develop leadership skills.

Each Hall Council sponsors cultural, recreational, social, and educational events, promotes UNT school pride, and represents student opinions about residence life issues to the Housing administration and the larger campus community.

National Residence Hall Honorary

Our local chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary exists to recognize outstanding leadership, service and dedication to the residence hall system. NRHH provides opportunities for personal growth and development, and members also perform valuable community service in Denton.