Commuter Exemption

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Commuter Exemption

UNT policy requires first year undergraduate students to live on campus.  A student that graduated from high school the semester prior to enrolling at UNT and is enrolled for 9 or more semester hours is subject to that policy.

UNT Housing will consider requests for a exemption from the first-year residence requirement for students that fall in to the following categories:

  • They wish to commute from the home of a parent, guardian or other adult relative that lives within a commutable distance.
  • They would suffer significant hardship because of insufficient finances or medical reasons that would result if the student were required to live on campus.

If you fall in to one of these categories and want to commute as a first year college student, the process is fairly simple.

  1. Create an eHousing account
  2. Select “Apply to Commute” from the menu
  3. Select the term that you’ll be coming to UNT
  4. Review the information about the commuter application
  5. Print (or save to print later) the Commuter Exemption request form
  6. Complete the Commuter Exemption request form and have it properly notarized
  7. Submit the completed Commuter Exemption request form and any necessary supporting documentation to UNT Housing for review

At the point that Housing reviews and approves the Commuter Exemption request, the student's application is noted as complete on their eHousing account.  Housing also sends confirmation of approval via email to students prior to the start of the semester that commuter status was requested.

For questions please contact UNT Housing by phone during regular business hours at 940–565–2610 or by email at