Housing Withdrawal Credit Schedule

Housing Withdrawal Credit Schedule

Students that check in to their on-campus room assignment are obligated to the terms of the Housing License Agreement and associated costs for housing and dining for the term. 

Per Section VI.D. of the Housing License Agreement (Termination of License and Housing Fee Refund – Student Termination after move-in), students that are approved to terminate their housing after checking in will pay housing and dining fees through their check-out date. 

Housing and Dining utilize a cost adjustment model that emulates the UNT Student Financial Services Refunds for Withdrawing from Session schedule to calculate credits for previously assessed term charges.  The Housing Withdrawal Credit Schedule is inclusive of dates that Housing and Dining provide services preceding the first official day of classes for each term.

Spring 2024 Housing Withdrawal Credit Schedule

Last day to withdraw for 100% credit January 9th
Last day to withdraw for 80% credit January 20th
Last day to withdraw for 70% credit January 26th
Last day to withdraw for 50% credit February 1st
Last day to withdraw for 25% credit February 7th

Initial calculation of housing and dining credits are dependent on a student’s check-out completion date and the percentage according to the schedule. 

Meal Plan usage is evaluated following check-out and in the event that Meal Plan usage exceeds the percentage of credit based on the check-out date, the posted credit will be adjusted to reflect accordingly. 

Credit transactions are applied to the student’s term balance on their myUNT account.