2018 -2019 Housing Rates (PROPOSED RATES)

The below 2018 - 2019 Housing rates reflects the proposal submitted to the UNT Board of Regents for approval.  Once approved, final update will be made to the posted information. 


Single Occupancy Room Types Hall 9 month Academic Year Rate
Private Single Occupancy Room w/ Suite Cooking Area Honors, Legends, Mozart $6,800.00
Single Occupancy Room Legends, Mozart, Santa Fe, Traditions, Victory $6,500.00
Matchbox Single Occupancy Room College Inn $6,000.00


Double Occupancy Room Types Hall 9 month Academic Year Rate
Double Occupancy Room w/ Cooking Area Mozart, Santa Fe $6,150.00
Double Occupancy Room Bruce, Clark, Crumley, Kerr, Maple, McConnell, Santa Fe, Traditions, Victory, West $5,830.00
Double Occupancy Room w/ Efficiency Kitchen (College Inn) College Inn $5,600.00
Double Occupancy Room (College Inn) College Inn $5,400.00


Triple Occupancy Room Type Hall 9 month Academic Year Rate
Triple Occupancy Room Clark, Kerr, Maple, West $5,200.00



Room Type Hall 9 month Academic Year Rate
Graduate Student Apartment College Inn $5,300.00

*Graduate students may elect to reside in Undergraduate Housing room types through the application process.  Graduate Student Apartments are reserved only for students that are currently enrolled in the Toulouse Graduate School. 



Meal plan options and rates for the 18/19 academic year will be posted as finalized by UNT Dining. 

*A meal plan is required for all first year students living on campus. Meal plans are required for upperclassmen residing in all halls except College Inn, Honors, Legends, Mozart and Santa Fe.

Download a .pdf version of the PROPOSED 2018-2019 Housing Rates