Living Learning FAQ


Q: Where will I live if I join an LLC?

A: We house LLCs in several different residence halls, depending upon the LLC you choose to join. Check the information page for the particular LLC in which you are interested for details on where it is housed.

Q: How are roommates determined for LLCs?

A: You can either request a roommate by exchanging reference numbers with other students that have applied for the same LLC, or allow our assignments office to assign roommates randomly. If two students want to live together, they must both apply for the same LLC. Roommate requests are granted based upon availability.

Q: Can I use Roommate Matching in eHousing to find a roommate?

A: Yes.  If you select an LLC on your housing application and then complete the eHousing Roommate Matching process you will be presented with names of other students that have applied to the same LLC for consideration as a roommate match. 

Q: What is the cost of joining an LLC?

A: There is no extra cost for joining an LLC. See our rates information for costs associated with each residence hall.

Q: What if I change my major after I join an LLC?

A: If you that change to a major that no longer fits with the LLC, you would still be allowed to stay in your assigned room for the full 9-month academic year. If desired, you could request to change rooms. Room change requests are granted based upon availability.

Q: What UNT faculty or staff are involved with LLCs?

A: Each LLC has a dedicated resident assistant assigned to that community whose job it is to develop community and promote academic success. Our Academic LLCs also have staff or faculty advisors who add co-curricular education to the experience.

Q: Can I still be in an LLC if my major does not match the LLC’s focus?

A: Any student can join most of the LLCs. However, students will reap the most benefit from participating in an LLC that corresponds with their academic major, field of study, career path or area of general interest.

Q: What if none of the LLCs fit me?

A: UNT Housing is always growing and improving to serve our students better. Please contact us with feedback or questions.