Housing Mission and Vision


The Department of Housing & Residence Life provides high-quality service and transformative experiences that further the vision of the University of North Texas.


To be a world-class housing and residence life program.

Educational Priority

Housing and Residence Life develops the skills of residents to live responsibly in a dynamic community. Responsibility in our residents is defined as the ability to manage conflict and make informed decisions, the development of personal values, and to respect and communicate with other community members.


  • Housing and Residence Life staff collaborate to create a welcoming environment that promotes student success and sense of belonging.
  • Housing and Residence Life staff make fiscal decisions with integrity that maintain and advance the mission of the department.
  • Housing and Residence Life staff develops and implements systems and processes that provide maximum value.
  • Housing and Residence Life staff and students are provided leadership and growth opportunities.


  • Collaboration: Utilize team work and multiple perspectives in decision making processes.
  • Integrity: Implement honest, equitable, and consistent practices.
  • Learning: Develop knowledge and awareness to improve.
  • Sense of Belonging: Facilitate connections within our community
  • Stewardship: Plan and manage resources responsibly.