Residence Life Advisor (RA, HA, FA) FAQ

Residence Life Assistant (RLA) Selection Timeline - Fall 2018

  • RLA Interest and Informational Sessions: RLA Interest and Informational Sessions will be held in various residence halls in October and November 2018. See postings below and in halls for date/time/location
  • RLA Application for Fall 2019 hiring: In order to receive a link to the online application, a candidate MUST attend one of the RLA Interest session at one of the locations listed below. 
  • RLA Application Deadline: Applications are due on January 24that 12pm
  • RLA Reference Deadline: References must be received electronically and are due on January 28th at 12pm
  • Notification of advancement to RLA interviews: Candidates who have passed the application phase of the RLA process will be notified through email by February 1st, 2019 to sign up for an interview.
  • RLA Interviews: Interviews will be on February 8thand 9th

October Informational Sessions locations

15th (Monday) Kerr Hall, 3pm

16th (Tuesday) College Inn, 7pm

17th (Wednesday) West Hall, 3pm

18th (Thursday) Traditions Hall Lobby, 7pm

22nd (Monday) Crumley Hall, 7pm

23rd (Tuesday) Bruce Hall, 3pm; Victory Hall, 5pm

24th (Wednesday) Rawlins Hall, 3pm

25th (Thursday) Maple Hall, 3pm

29th (Monday) Clark Hall, 3pm

30th (Tuesday) Mozart Hall Lobby, 7pm


November Informational Sessions locations

5th (Monday) Victory Hall, 3pm

6th (Tuesday) Kerr Hall, 7pm

7th (Wednesday) College Inn, 3pm; West Hall, 7pm

8th (Thursday) Honors Commons, 3pm

12th (Monday) Traditions Hall Lobby, 3pm; Maple Hall, 7pm

13th (Tuesday)  Bruce Hall, 7pm

14th (Wednesday) Crumley Hall, 1pm

15th (Thursday) Clark Hall, 7pm; Rawlins Hall, 3pm


RLA Application FAQ

How do I apply?

To complete a RLA application (for Resident Assistant, Housing Ambassador, or Facility Assistant positions) for the Fall 2019 selection process you must attend one of the informational sessions held in October and November 2018.

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Do I need references?

In order for your application to be complete, you will have to provide two primary references. Primary references are Community Directors, professors or instructors, past employers, and church leaders. If you would like to include a reference from a current RLA (Resident Assistant, Housing Ambassador, or Facility Assistant), Residence Hall Association (RHA) Executive, or other Part-time staff member because you believe they will have a lot to say about your candidacy, please have them as your THIRD reference and have your first two be from the primary list.

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What do I need to apply?

A complete application includes completing the entire online RLA Application on this website and two (2) references.

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What happens after I apply?

After you turn in your completed application, the RLA Selection committee will review your application to make sure you are qualified and have all the necessary paperwork before you continue on to the interview process. You will be notified via email if you passed the paper-cut. If you pass the paper-cut, the RLA Selection committee will email you with times to sign up for an interview. 

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Can I work at a specific hall?

While you may express interest in a particular hall, if you are selected, you will be placed where needed.

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How many positions are being filled?

The number of open RLA positions varies by semester. Some semesters we need many new people to fill positions; sometimes we need only a few.  It depends on how many RLAs are graduating or stepping down.  We will have a preliminary count of open positions for the upcoming academic year when it is time for interviews to occur, but that number is subject to change.

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What are the benefits of being a RLA?

RLAs receive room and board as well as a stipend of approximately $225 per full month worked.

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I didn't get hired for a position. Is there still a chance someone will call me?

Yes, there is a possibility you can still be offered a position after the initial RLA recruitment process has ended. Occasionally, after Supervisors/Community Directors hire for all of the anticipated empty positions, another opening can come up for any number of reasons. In this case, Supervisors/CDs may call candidates to offer them a position. As well, you can be placed on an alternate list for selection for the Spring 2020 semester.

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How do I best prepare to be hired?

Getting involved in your hall by participating in hall programs, helping out your Hall Association, or taking opportunities to gain leadership experience and involvement in other campus organizations can help prepare you for an RLA position. 

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My question was not answered.

If your question was not answered, please feel free to e-mail Talent Management at: or call (940) 565-4940.

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