Residence Life Advisor (RA, HA, FA) Hiring FAQ

Residence Life Advisor (RLA) Selection Timeline for  2023-2024  School Year 

Interest Sessions are required and you must attend one. The dates and times are listed below

          Date.     Time              Location

          Oct. 2     5 p.m.           Union 332

          Oct. 4     5 p.m.           Union 341

          Oct. 5     11:30 a.m.    Crumley Conf. Room

          Oct. 6     7 p.m.           Union 341

          Oct. 7     1 p.m.           Rawlins MultiPurpose Room

          Oct. 10    5 p.m.          Union 333A

          Oct. 11    11:30 a.m.    Victory Seminar Room

          Oct. 12    7 p.m.           Union 385

          Oct. 16    7 p.m.           Union 332

          Oct. 18    7 p.m.           Union 382

          Oct. 19    3 p.m.           Bruce Concert Hall

          Oct. 20    5 p.m.           Crumley Conf. Room

          Oct. 24    11:30 a.m.    Rawlins MultiPurpose Room

          Oct. 25    3 p.m.           Victory Seminar Room

          Oct. 26    5 p.m.           Bruce Concert Hall

          Oct. 28    11:30 a.m.    Crumley Conf. Room

          Oct. 30    5 p.m.           Bruce Concert Hall

          Oct. 31    7 p.m.           Union 332

November 1; 2022 at 12 PM: RLA Application Open 

November 18; 2022: RLA Application Deadline due at Noon

January 27; 2023: RLA Notification Day 

February 3; 4~6pm (Man): Orientation and Meet & Greet  

March 7; 7~9pm All staff social (Man): Orientation and Meet & Greet  

RLA Application FAQ

How do I apply?

To complete a RLA application (for Resident Assistant, Housing Ambassador, or Facility Assistant positions) for the 2023-2024 school year selection process you must attend one informational session and complete the application by November 18th at noon. 

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What do I need to apply?

A complete application and attendance at an Interest Session

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What happens after I apply?

After you turn in your completed application, the RLA Selection committee  will review your application to make sure you are qualified and have all the necessary paperwork before you  continue to the selection process. You will be notified via email if you pass the selection process. 

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How many positions are being filled?

The number of open RLA positions varies by year. 

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What are the benefits of being a RLA?

Room Provided-Valued at an average of $6,185 (9 month academic year), roommate expected. 
Meal plan provided valued at $4,016 7-day value plan including $400 Flex dollars. 
Receive a stipend of $300 per month with the opportunity to work desk shifts as needed for up to 10 hours a week at an hourly rate ($9/hr)

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I didn't get hired for a position. Is there still a chance someone will call me?

Yes, there is a possibility you can still be offered a position after the initial RLA recruitment process has ended. We will have an alternate list that we will pull from to fill open positions. You will notified if you are on the alternate list at the same time positions offers go out. 

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How do I best prepare to be hired?

Getting involved in your hall by participating in hall programs, helping out your Hall Association, or taking opportunities to gain leadership experience and involvement in other campus organizations can help prepare you for an RLA position.   

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Will I have a roommate:

Yes, you will have a roommate   

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