Housing COVID-19 Info


UNT Housing COVID-19 Info

UNT Housing is excited to welcome residents to campus this fall. We are utilizing CDC guidance for Shared or Congregate Housing and direction from University administration to identify strategies to maintain operations as well as a healthy living and working environment.  We hope our residents will join us in making COVID-19 prevention a priority for throughout the 20/21 academic year. 

Student well-being and success reamin our highest priority.  As we all have a responsibility to help minimize the spread of COVID-19 for ourselves and for each other, please utilize the CDC's best-practice strategies to protect yourself:

UNT's COVID symptoms and monitoring information provides a scenario guide for student use as well as guidance for persons self-monitoring for COVID-19.

UNT's Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates can be found at https://healthalerts.unt.edu/

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On-campus housing for the 2020/2021 academic year

UNT Housing and Residence Life is proceeding with plans for the Fall 2020 semester to deliver the full complement of on-campus capacity.  Students will access shared locations including suite bathrooms, community bathrooms and common living space within their room and the residence hall community. 

To mitigate COVID-19 transmission, Housing will encourage all residents to follow healthy hygiene practices, practice physical distancing to lower the risk of disease spread, use a cloth face covering in public setting when physical distance cannot be maintained, and utilize UNT Health Services resources if they have symptoms or are sick. 

The residence halls and Dining facilities will remain open through December 11th in the Fall 2020 semester, including the period of time after Thanksgiving break when classes go remote. All offices and services will continue to be available for students through the end of finals week.

Housing and Residence Life will also be making appropriate adjustments to its programmatic delivery to our residents by using online tools as the primary way to communicate with their residents individually and in floor/wing meetings and providing a hybrid model for in person and online programming in the residence halls. 

The Department of Housing and Residence Life will not stray from its mission to provide high-quality service and transformative experiences that further the vision of the University of North Texas.  Our goals for our response during the COVID-19 pandemic are to protect health, support our residents and continue the institution’s mission.



Fall 2020 class schedules and Housing

UNT has finalized Fall 2020 course offerings and students are able to review their class schedule using myUNT, including the details to determine how their courses will be taught - in-person, partially in-person, or online/remote course delivery. 

As all freshmen have been given the opportunity for in-person classes and Housing will be open for the fall semester, the first-year student residency requirement will remain applicable to incoming freshman students.  Change to Housing status for fall will be evaluated on the student’s current class schedule (following the 7.10.2020 course finalization) and the on-campus housing requirement, as applicable. 

As the Fall 2020 semester has begun, students no longer have the ability to affect their on-campus housing status by making changes to ther class schedule.  

The residence halls will remain open in the Fall 2020 semester, including after Thanksgiving break when classes go remote. Housing offices and services will continue to be available for students through the end of finals. 



Housing's Reopening Plans

Housing and Residence Life have adapted many of our procedures and practices to provide a safe, healthy environment for our students in the midst of this health pandemic. As we continue to refine our processes, updates will be made to this information 

Modifications in the following areas include:


  • Scheduled Mean Green Move-In over a 5-day period - Friday, August 14 through Tuesday, August 18
  • Provided move-in sign up for students to identify their intended arrival date and arrival window, including early arrival requests and post-MGM-I arrivals
  • Capped arrival time windows during MGM-I days to no more than 15 residents per 30 minute window to better allow for social distancing in unloading locations and residence hall check-in locations
  • Providing pre-move-in COVID symptom self-monitoring form and instructions for student use in days leading up to move-in

Social events and programming

  • Gatherings within the residence halls will be limited to adhere to social distancing capacities of the space
  • Facilitation of programmatic events through online platforms by Housing and Residence Life staff

Daily operation for common areas - lobbies, lounges, recreation space, meeting rooms, practice rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms

  • Adherence to campus mask requirement in public locations
  • Social distance signage in prominent locations 
  • Reduction and configuration of furniture in public areas to promote social distance
  • Cleaning supplies provided in music practice rooms for use by students upon arrival and prior to departure
  • Discontinue equipment check-out from front desks

Cleaning protocols

  • 7-day-a-week cleaning by Housing Custodial staff in public areas and community bathroom facilities. 
  • Training for desk staff to perform additional wipe-down cleaning of high-traffic locations, including counters, doors and other public high-touch surfaces


COVID Quarantine Room Use for On-campus Residents 

Housing will provide quarantine isolation rooms for on-campus residents that are identified in need of accommodations by the UNT COVID Contact Tracing Team.  Residents referred to quarantine by the COVID Contact Tracing Team will relocate from their current room to a quarantine room for the duration of the quarantine period unless the student decides to return home for that entire time. 

Quarantine relocations will require that student take any personal belongings needed for the full period with them to quarantine.  Students will not be required to fully vacate their regular room assignment for the period but they will not have access to their room until the isolation period ends. 

Residents relocated to quarantine rooms will be housed in a private room with an individual bathroom.  Meals will be coordinated for delivery with UNT Dining Services for the isolation period and students will be provided with a refrigerator and microwave in their room. 

Upon clearance from isolation/quarantine by the Contact Tracing Team, residents will be able to return to their regular room assignment.