Student Staff: Housing Ambassador

Housing Ambassador Job Description 

The Housing Ambassadors are student employees in the Department of Housing and Residence Life who inform and aid current and prospective students and their families through recruitment and customer service. The HAs recruit potential students year-round by providing resources to help students get acclimated to the university, and by creating enthusiasm for the on-campus living experience at UNT. The HAs strive to provide students and their families with quality customer service with a smile through active listening and precise verbiage that serves the needs of the customers, the department, and UNT.

HAs act as customer service representatives for the department; work as receptionists for Central Housing; provide tours of the residence halls; represent Housing at recruiting and informational forums throughout the year; and articulate the policies and services provided by the department and the university to current UNT students, parents, and potential customers that contact the Assignments Office.  
HAs are selected on the basis of their intellect, leadership qualities, willingness to assume responsibilities, and ability to relate to residents, prospective students and parents. In addition, HAs should be committed to their own personal growth and education.

HAs are supervised by and are directly responsible to the Manager for Housing Services and the Special Assistant for Housing Services.  HAs are indirectly responsible to the Community Directors of the residence hall in which they reside. Feedback on an HA’s job performance may be provided by customers of Housing, Community Directors, and/or the Manager for Housing Services. It is expected that an HA will satisfactorily meet all duties and responsibilities as identified. Unsatisfactory job performance will be addressed by the supervisor through verbal warning, written warning, probation, or termination. The HA position is considered an “at will” position and is appointed by the department for the period of one year contingent upon satisfactory job performance.

HAs receive a monthly stipend, private room (as available) and board with a 7-day meal plan as compensation for averaging a 15-hour workweek. The majority of the HA workload is spent working in the Assignments Office in Crumley Hall during regular business hours addressing the customer service needs presented to the office according to training and standing office procedures.  Time spent providing tour on-call coverage on evenings and weekends, attending staff development and training and representing Housing at various campus recruiting events fills the remainder of the HA work schedule.

The following information outlines most of the HA’s responsibilities to the department and the Assignments Office. Central Housing and the HA’s Community Directors reserve the right to assign other duties as needed to meet departmental and building needs.

HA Job Responsibilities

  • A Housing Ambassador is first and foremost a student who is obliged to maintain at least a 2.75 semester grade point average and no lower than a 2.25 semester grade point average during every semester of employment. 
  • A Housing Ambassador is directly responsible to and reports to the Assignments Office.  The Department of Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to change a Housing Ambassador’s assignment as needed.
  • A Housing Ambassador shall attend all Residence Life Training for the fall and spring semesters and any other required training to adequately complete their responsibilities.  Any exceptions must be approved by the Manager for Housing Services. 
  • A Housing Ambassador shall take no more than 16 hours and no less than 12 hours per semester without approval of the Manager for Housing Services.
  • A Housing Ambassador’s primary extracurricular commitment is first to any functions required by their specific academic program and then to the Residence Life program.  The Department of Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to limit additional extracurricular activities if they become a problem related to job performance.  Any outside employment must be approved by the Manager for Housing Services and may not exceed 11 hours.
  • A Housing Ambassador shall initiate general social contact in the residence halls and be open to meaningful personal discussions through being available and accessible in the residence hall, especially in the Housing Ambassador’s own hall.
  • A Housing Ambassador encourages interactions, responsibility, and adult behavior by the residents.
  • A Housing Ambassador supports the work of the Residence Hall Association and National Residence Hall Honorary.
  • A Housing Ambassador is familiar with campus and community resources in order to serve as a referral agent for students.
  • A Housing Ambassador reports all emergencies, serious situations, and illnesses to the Manager for Housing Services
  • A Housing Ambassador provides coverage in the Assignments Office by participating in the assigned shifts, hall tours, and Housing Ambassador on-call coverage rotation.  The Housing Ambassador shall seek approval from the Special Assistant for Housing Services for shift changes or alterations to their established work schedule.  
  • A Housing Ambassador attends all weekly HA staff meetings.
  • A Housing Ambassador supports and participates in residence hall activities. 
  • A Housing Ambassador shall perform all job duties as assigned by the Assignments Coordinators.