Apply for Cohort Housing

Cohort Housing​ Application Process

Access to complete an application for Cohort Housing groups is restricted to those students that are identified as members of the group, team or program. As students are added to the managed list of cohort housing members, they will have access to complete or update their housing application to reflect participation in the cohort housing option.  

Students may be asked to identify their corresponding cohort group within the housing application process.

Changing your application preference to join Cohort Housing 

If you've already completed a Housing application with an existing hall/room preference and are subsequently invited to join a Cohort Housing group, following the below steps will allow you to make the change on your own to update your room preferences to a space for the Cohort Housing group.  

  1. Login in to your eHousing account
  2. Select “View My Applications” from the menu on the left
  3. Select the hyperlinked “App No” for your Fall application
  4. Select “Edit” for your Application Type
  5. Select the name of the Cohort Housing group that you are joining.  

In cases where a room assignment is already complete, students should contact