Housing and Residence Life Administration

Shipping Address: UNT Welcome Center - 2nd Floor 1417 Maple St Denton, TX 76203
Photo First Namesort descending Last Name Job Title Phone Email
*General Housing Info* Contact Us Use this for all of your Housing and Residence Life inquiries 940.565.2610 housinginfo@unt.edu
Amanda Vaughn Assistant Director for Residence Life 940.565.4940 Amanda.Vaughn@unt.edu
Benjamin Dodson Accountant 940.565.8685 benjamin.dodson@unt.edu
Carmen Garza Assistant Director for Housing Personnel 940.565.2893 carmen.garza@unt.edu
Carolyn Blevins Assistant Director for Summer Conferences 940.565.2894 carolyn.blevins@unt.edu
Craig Zemmin Associate Director for Residential Facilities 940-565-4819 Craig.Zemmin@unt.edu
Eric Johnson Assistant Director for Residence Life 940.565.2763 eric.johnson@unt.edu
Gina Vanacore Executive Director of Housing and Residence Life
James Fairchild Associate Director for Housing 940.565.2897 james.fairchild@unt.edu
Jessa Mays Assistant Director for Residence Life 940.565.2482 Jessa.Mays@unt.edu
Josh Gosdin Assistant Director for Housing Services 940.565.2890 joshua.gosdin@unt.edu
Mark McLeod Coordinator for Marketing 940.369.8134 mark.mcleod@unt.edu
Penny Gustafson Assistant Director for Business Operations 940.565.2892 penny.gustafson@unt.edu
Pete Beaulieu Assistant Director for Building Services 940.369.8202 Peter.Beaulieu@unt.edu
Position Pending Administrative Coordinator for Procurement xxx.xxxx.xxxx xxxx.xxxx@unt.edu
Position Pending Administrative Coordinator for Payroll xxx.xxxx.xxxx xxxx.xxxx@unt.edu
Randy Brooks Coordinator for Business Operations 940.565.2396 Randy.Brooks@unt.edu
Sharon Henderson Assistant Director for Financial Administration 940.565.4262 sharon.henderson@unt.edu
Tomás Sanchez Associate Director for Residence Life 940.565.2895 tomas.sanchez@unt.edu