Housing payments through myUNT account

All balances for UNT Housing/Dining charges are posted to the student’s myUNT account with tuition and fee charges for the semester.  

How does it work?

Following being assigned to a room, UNT Housing will transfer all charges to a student’s myUNT account for payment.  The total charge amount for the semester will be listed in the term summary as “Housing/Dining Charges”.

Accepted Financial Aid is directly applied to the semester's Housing/Dining balance by Student Accounting, following full payment of tuition and fees.  As a result, depending on the total amount of accepted aid for the semester, a student may have a remaining balance for UNT Housing/Dining.  Students are able to enroll in a Payment Plan for semester charges to divide the balance in to installment payments over the course of the semester.  Students must enroll in the Payment Plan for the semester. More Payment Plan information is available at Student Accounting

How do I make a payment?

Payments for any are made online through a student’s myUNT account, in person at the Cashier window in the Eagle Student Services Center, or by mail.  Find more Student Accounting payment option details.  

What else should I know?

Students should be prepared to have out of pocket funds to make textbook and class supply purchases because tuition, fee and housing charges are all paid prior to a financial aid refund disbursement to the student.  If the student’s accepted aid for the semester is exhausted by the UNT term charges, there will not be remaining funds to be dispersed to the student. 


Students with questions about their financial aid award for the year should consult with Student Financial Aid and Scholarships

For assistance with budget planning or to inquire about loan programs options that are available to assist with textbook purchases, students should consult with the Student Money Management Center.