Staff Advisor: Nancy Van Hoy

College of Engineering students live, study, and thrive together in this academic community. All students in this community are required to enroll in MATH 1710: Calculus 1; MATH 1720: Calculus 2; or PHYS 1410: Physics 1* during fall 2017.

Involvement opportunities include:

  • Participating in study groups and tutoring specifically designed to support math and science courses critical to engineering majors’ success
  • Engaging in student organizations and activities connected to College of Engineering upperclassmen, staff, and faculty
  • Exploring careers at Discovery Park

The Engineering Living Learning Community is housed in Crumley Hall for the 2017 – 2018 academic year.

*Students who already have credit for this course – or per math placement results, a different recommended course – will be advised on the exception process at Freshman Orientation.