What is and is not permitted in the residence halls



Electrical appliances must be used and maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications in safe working condition and should require no more than 1000 watts. RAs may ask residents to remove approved appliances that are overly noisy or disturbing. With the few exceptions listed below, appliances with exposed heating elements (e.g., electric woks, Hibachi grills, camping stoves, Fry Daddys, toasters, toaster ovens, griddles) are not permitted in the residence halls. Because of their unique living arrangements, residents at College Inn, Honors Hall, Legends Hall, Mozart Square, and Santa Fe Square may use toaster ovens and toasters.


Approved appliances include the following:

  • George Foreman-type grills, quesadilla makers, sandwich makers, panini grills, rice cookers, coffee pots, cup warmers, and crock-pots
  • Small oscillating fans
  • Small refrigerators (mini fridges)
  • Microwave ovens
  • Electric space heaters with automatic turn-off and tip-over safety cut-offs (should be UL listed and not more than 1500 Watts)
  • Hair dryers, curling irons, straighteners, and irons (must always be unplugged when not in use or when the resident leaves the room)


Explosives/Flammable Fluids


Residents may not possess firecrackers, fireworks, explosives, flammable fluids/chemicals/materials, or pyrotechnics of any nature on university premises, including in residence halls or the surrounding grounds.




Residents may not ignite any substance, including cigarettes, cigars, pipes or hookas, in the residence halls or on the balconies and stairways at College Inn. University policy prohibits smoking in any and all University owned facilities and also prohibits smoking within 25 feet of any building entrance. Residents found smoking in a residence hall or within 25 feet of a residence hall entrance will be assessed a $50 fine for the first violation. A $100 fine will be assessed for each additional violation in addition to more serious disciplinary measures.