Check-out Bathroom Cleaning


Bathroom cleaning guidelines are provided to assist residents in preparing their suite bathroom space for check-out.  Cleaning should be coordinated and completed by all roommates/suitemates that use the shared bathroom space.  Residents in community or pod bathroom buildings do not have check-out cleaning responsibilities.  

Failure to complete cleaning responsibilities at checkout can result in cleaning fees being assessed.

A resident’s individual contribution to bathroom cleaning will be reviewed during their check-out by a staff member. 

If roommates/suitemates do not check out at the same time, it is the responsibility of the person(s) remaining in the suite to ensure that any areas of the bathroom addressed by the checked-out roommate(s) remain clean through their own check-out time or take action to clean any dirtied area prior to checking out. 


  • Clean the shower (floor, fixtures, and walls) with bathroom cleaning product
  • Clean the shower curtain
  • Clean the toilet (bowl, seat, handle, exposed plumbing with bathroom cleaning product
  • Clean the bathroom walls and ceiling (including air vents) with a damp cloth. 
  • LAST ACTIVITY - Clean the bathroom floor (sweep and mop)

The front desk will offer a limited supply of brooms, dust pans, and mops for resident use. 

Cleaning chemicals, sponges, rags, or scrub brushes will not be provided to residents by Housing.  Residents are responsible for providing these items on their own to complete cleaning responsibilities.