Housing Room Types

Housing offers a number of room type options to residents. Understanding the basic features of the room types can help in decision making when it comes to deciding which hall to live in or which selection to make during the Housing application process. 

Some of the factors that come in to play when considering your options probably include the number of occupants of the room, the bathroom arrangement, the layout or configuration of space.  The below generic samples of room type floor plans from our residence halls are provided to help better understand the options that you’ll have to choose from. 

Double Occupancy Room

Double occupancy rooms are the option that is most plentiful at UNT.

floor plans Bruce, Clark, Crumley, College Inn, Kerr, Maple, McConnell, Rawlins, Traditions, Victory, West

Double Occupancy Room with Cooking Area

floor plan Mozart, Santa Fe

Single Occupancy Room

Legends, Mozart, Santa Fe, Traditions, Victory

Private Single Occupancy Room with Suite Cooking Area

floor plan Honors, Legends, Mozart

Triple Occupancy Room

floor plan Clark, Kerr, Maple, West