2022 - 2023 Rates


2022 - 2023 Housing Rates



Single Occupancy Room Types Hall 9 month Academic Year Rate
Private Single Occupancy Room w/ Suite Cooking Area Honors, Legends, Mozart $7,160.00
Single Occupancy Room Legends, Mozart, Santa Fe, Traditions, Victory $6,840.00
Double Occupancy Room Types Hall 9 month Academic Year Rate
Double Occupancy Room w/ Cooking Area Mozart $6,470.00
Double Occupancy Room Bruce, Clark, Crumley, Joe Greene, Kerr, Maple, McConnell, Rawlins, Traditions, Victory, West $6,140.00
Triple Occupancy Room Type Hall 9 month Academic Year Rate
Triple Occupancy Room Clark, Kerr, Maple, Santa Fe, West $5,470.00


Residential Meal Plans* Dining Hall access included Dining flex $
per semester
9 month Academic Year Rate**
Unlimited Everyday Meal Plan 7 days a week $400.00 $4,137.32
Unlimited Weekday Meal Plan  Monday - Friday $225.00 $3,758.44

*A meal plan is required for all first year students living on campus. Meal plans are required for upperclassmen residing in all halls except College Inn, Honors, Legends, Mozart, Santa Fe, and Traditions.

**includes applicable tax

Dining flex dollars are for use at on-campus retail locations only.  Unused Dining flex dollars are forfeit at the end of each semester.  Any remaining balance does not carry over to the next term.

Additional details about the residential meal plans are available on the UNT Dining Website.



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