General tips for resident personal safety

Picture of a doorknob

Personal Safety Tips

  • Residents should keep their room doors locked at all times, including when they are in their rooms and when they leave, even for short periods of time.
  • Peepholes should be used before opening the doors to visitors.
  • Residents should get to know the other residents of their wing so that they are familiar with the people who normally pass through it.
  • Residents should report suspicious behavior to the front desk staff and/or to the UNT Police at 940-565-3003 but should never confront a suspicious individual.
  • When on campus during evening or early morning hours, students should walk with a friend or utilize campus transportation services. UNT shuttle schedules and E-ride after hours information is available at
  • Residents must not engage in dangerous behavior that could result in injury to persons or property. (e.g., running, skateboarding, roughhousing, or throwing objects within the residence halls)
  • Residents may not engage in activity that has the potential to cause harm, injury or damage to another student, their room or their possessions, including acts perceived as “pranks” against other students.