Building Amenities and Services


Building Amenities and Services

Computer Labs

Computer labs are available to aid residents with their studies. Residents should treat equipment with respect and immediately report any problems to the front desk staff. Computers in the computer labs are not connected to printers. Students who abuse the hall equipment or computer lab guidelines may lose computer use privileges in the halls as determined by the Housing disciplinary process.


Most halls have outdoor grills available for resident use. Residents wishing to use a grill should ask for instructions and procedures at the front desk and may be asked to provide a UNT ID. Fires may only be made in appropriate grills or fire pits. Gas grills and charcoal grills are prohibited in the residence halls, including on the balconies at College Inn.

Laundry Facilities

Laundry rooms are provided in each residence hall for the use of Housing residents only. The machines are serviced by a private vendor and all inquiries regarding repairs and refunds should be directed to the front desk staff.

Mail and Packages

Residents may sign up for a mailbox at no additional cost through Eagle Express, the mail service provider in the University Union. Eagle Express Mail allows mailbox holders to send and receive mail through USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL. To receive mail via an Eagle Express mailbox, a resident’s address should be listed as follows:

Resident’s Name

1155 Union Circle # (box number)

Denton, TX 76203-5017

Mail, including packages, from the United States Postal Service cannot be delivered to the residence halls or the Housing Administration mailbox.

Packages sent via UPS, FedEx, or DHL, and other services, such as florists, can also be sent to the residence halls. Before sending a package to the hall, residents and parents should verify the delivery address at the left menu hall links or through the hall’s front desk staff. Desk personnel will sign for the package or delivery and notify the resident to pick it up at the front desk. Students who receive notification of a package or delivery should pick it up at their earliest convenience, as some of the items may be perishable. For large deliveries, the front desk staff should be notified in advance. A resident should inform the front desk staff and/or the Hall Director in advance if he or she is expecting to receive a perishable item or medicine, such as insulin.

Swimming Pool

The College Inn pool is available for use by all UNT Housing residents and their guests. Please see additional rules posted by the College Inn pool.

Recreation Equipment

Each residence hall provides a variety of games, recreational equipment, and other items that may be checked out through the hall’s front desk with a student ID card. Residents can check with the front desk staff to see what is available in their hall.

Room Reservations

Non-Reserveable Space

Common and public areas (lobbies, TV lounges, living rooms) are considered the residents’ “living rooms” and are limited to resident use and Housing programming functions and meetings. Non-University groups may not use these facilities for meetings or programs of any sort.

Reserveable Space

The following spaces can be reserved by registered student organizations and University departments: Clark Park, Crumley Park, Kerr Beach, and McConnell Park.

Guidelines for Reservations

Programs sponsored by Housing have first priority for reservations. To reserve Clark Park, Crumley Park, Kerr Beach, or McConnell Park, registered student organizations and departments must see the Special Assistant for Spirit and Traditions and Residence Life Coordinator in Crumley Hall.  Depending on the size/scope of the program associated with the reservation, registered student organizations may be additionally required to attend an Event Safety Meeting prior to holding the event.  Students, organizations, and departments must adhere to all University and Housing policies while using any space reserved through the Department of Housing & Residence Life.


Recycling bins are located in various residence hall common areas and on individual wings in some halls. Students can recycle mixed paper, newsprint, plastic bottles, glass, and aluminum. Cardboard to be recycled should be placed in the designated area for each hall. The following rules apply to recycling:

Recycling bins are not to be used as trash receptacles.

Only paper may be placed in the large, blue recycling receptacles. Paper placed in these bins must not be wet or have touched food because it causes the paper to become unrecyclable.

Only plastic bottles and aluminum cans may be placed in the bottle-shaped recycling receptacles.

Paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum recyclables may be combined when taken to one of the mixed-stream recycling dumpsters, which are available at many halls.

Cardboard bins or corrals are placed near outdoor trash dumpsters during move-in and should be utilized to maintain space within dumpsters.

Recycling and donation stations for abandoned and unwanted items will be available during closedown week of the spring semester. See the front desk for details.

Study Lounges

Study lounges equipped with tables and chairs are available in most residence halls. These facilities provide an area to study during the day or night and are large enough to accommodate several students.

Vacuum Cleaners

Residents may check out a vacuum cleaner from the front desk of their residence hall. Vacuum cleaners should be handled carefully, should not be removed from the residence hall, and should be returned in a timely manner. If a vacuum needs repair, please return it and inform the person working the desk.

Vending Machines

Vending machines are available in most residence halls. Students who lose money in vending machines should go to the Information Desk on the third floor of the Union to get a refund. Students who lose money in a change machine should contact the hall’s front desk staff. The abuse of vending, laundry, change, or ice machines may result in a referral to the Dean of Students office.


Dumpsters are provided near each building for residents’ trash disposal. For health and safety reasons, residents must take personal trash, boxes, pizza boxes, etc. to the dumpster.