Mean Green Move-In

Mean Green Move-In 2022

Mean Green Move-In begins on Friday, August 19th and continues through the weekend in to First Flight Week. 

The campus plan to facilitate a smooth process for the 6300+ students that will be moving in is coordinated between UNT Housing, UNT Transportation Services, the UNT Police Department, and many other UNT departments.

Beginning in mid-JulyeHousing Sign up for Move In image, students with a Fall 2022 room assignment will be able to access the “Sign up for Move In” link in the eHousing portal.  Options to best meet individual student’s move in needs include:

  • select an arrival date and time for MGM-I,
  • request an early arrival date, or
  • identify a late arrival date of August 29th (1st day of classes) or later 

For MGM-I days, 30 minute arrival windows are available for selection from 8 AM to 7:30 PM).  Each arrival window is capped to allow for a smooth and steady flow of arrival and check-in at each building.  Please make plans to arrive on your confirmed arrival date and time window to help us facilitate the staggered arrival plan. 

Students will receive a confirmation email following completion of the MGM-I sign up process. 

Additional information about MGM-I will be provided through the Housing website and eHousing Move-in Itinerary as move-in draws nearer.  Expect that we’ll have more finalized information regarding traffic access to campus, unloading and parking plans, and all of the services available during Mean Green Move-In Weekend!

We’re excited to open the residence halls for the Fall 2022 semester and start the new year with you!