Fall 2021 End of Semester Planning and Move-out Process

Fall 2021 end of semester planning and move-out process

The residence halls will close for the Fall 2021 semester on December 10, 2021.  We realize that students will make decisions that meet their individual needs related to their travel and move-out plans and encourage everyone to begin that planning process soon. 

Beginning at 9 AM on Wednesday, November 3th, students will have access to the End of Semester Move-out Sign Up and Thanksgiving Stay form through the Break Stay/Move-out option in the eHousing left menu. 


Through the Fall 2021 Move-out Sign Up form, students will indicate their end of semester intent to:

  • move-out before or during Thanksgiving Break (dates leading up to November 28th)
  • move-out during pre-finals or Finals week (from November 29th to December 10th)
  • request an extension for a late move-out on Saturday, December 11

Additionally, students will provide their specific anticipated move-out date through this process.  Engagement with the process will assist with providing students necessary instructions to prepare for and complete their fall semester move-out.

As students leave campus for Fall 2021, they will need to make sure to take all belongings from their room that will be needed through the entire winter break.  Access to the residence hall and their individual room will not be available following move-out for the term.  

Students do not need to remove all belongings from their room for the end of Fall semester.  Any belongings that are not needed during Winter Break can remain in the room for the return to campus for the Spring semester.  

Through eHousing’s Break Stay/Move-out, residents will also find links for:

  • Thanksgiving Break Stay - submit info for anticipated dates staying on campus during the holiday break
  • Winter Break housing info - instructions for students that need to stay on campus for all or a portion of the period between Fall and Spring terms