eHousing Waiting Room

eHousing Waiting Room

So the Housing Application process runs smoothly, we have measures in place to manage the number of simultaneous users in eHousing.  As peak usage occurs for eHousing, you may find yourself in the eHousing Waiting Room.  Think of it like getting ready to purchase concert tickets or taking a number at a classy deli.  

Here is what you can expect: 

  1. You will be assigned a place in the line when you initially arrive at eHousing. 
  2. The number will decrease as you wait. 
    • The page will auto-refresh on a regular interval to update your place in line.
  3. Once you reach the front of the line, you will be able to log in to eHousing.  

It is important to keep the browser window open to maintain your Waiting Room session.  You do not need to refresh the browser to progress toward getting to the front of the line.  

We understand that everyone wants to make their housing arrangements as soon as possible and appreciate the patience that is necessary to ensure that eHousing can deliver that service as intended.