Clarification of upperclassman on-campus housing availability for Fall 2020/Spring 2021

For more than 40 years, UNT policy has required on-campus residency for first-year students to allow new students to engage with UNT in many important ways. In anticipation of the continued growth of the freshman class for Fall 2020, Housing has allocated adequate bed space to continue to meet the residency requirement. 

UNT has not changed any policy regarding the housing of upperclassmen on campus for the Fall 2020/Spring 2021 application period. Bed space allocation and room-type availability decisions have been made to meet the anticipated freshmen demands for the coming academic year.

As demand for bed spaces for freshmen has increased, the bed space availability for upperclassmen has consequently decreased. 

All students continue to apply for housing in the same manner as before, according to their student classification (first-year student, returning student, transfer student). Housing will soon make the Assignment Queue available for returning students that wish to apply. 

We understand that the limited availability of upperclassman space is not an ideal situation for some of our returning students.  UNT works closely with the Denton off-campus housing market and devotes time and resources to helping students obtain off-campus housing. 

The revamped Off-Campus Housing Source is available to explore the Denton off-campus housing market.