B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. Eagles

The BEAUTIFUL Eagles housing cohort (Black Women Encouraging each other And Utilizing Their Individuality For University Leadership) is a close knit community that looks to build a solid foundation for academic and social success in Black women, as well as empowering each individual towards their own personal aspirations at UNT and beyond. Through the BEAUTIFUL Eagles, students will find a community that both supports and cherishes how their intersectional identities are impacted everyday on a college campus like UNT.

BEAUTIFUL Eagles will be a home away from home where Black women are able to build affinitive relationships and learn to navigate the daily experiences of systemic issues, such as misogynoir. Students will further learn from each other by living, studying, and participating in curated activities through the lens of intersectional frameworks.

Interested students can visit the BEAUTIFUL Eagles website to find more information and to complete a survey to register for the cohort.  

BEAUTIFUL Eagles freshmen reside in Maple Hall.

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