Assignment Queue for 19/20 freshman applications OPEN!

Assignment Queue for 19/20 freshman applications OPEN!

On Wednesday, June 19th, UNT Housing transitioned to an Assignment Queue for incoming freshman student housing applications to best serve freshman students that still need to complete a housing application for the 2019 - 2020 academic year. 

Incomplete freshman applications were purged from the system to allow a fresh start within the AQ process.  Notification will be sent to students whose application is deleted. 

To complete an Assignment Queue application, login to eHousing, Apply for Housing for Fall 2019/Spring 2020 and you will be directed to the Fall 2019 Assignment Queue. The Assignment Queue will allow you to complete a housing application without making a hall/room type selection. Doing so will establish a position on the Queue based on the date and time that you complete the process with an application payment.

What exactly is the freshman Assignment Queue?

At the point it is activated, the Assignment Queue will be the opportunity for students that had not yet completed an application with a hall and room-type preference to put themselves on the list for assignment in to remaining spaces.  By completing the application and making their housing pre-payment (and application fee as applicable), you will be placed on the Assignment Queue and will be assigned to the remaining available space within Housing. 

Some important things to note about the AQ:

  1. The AQ application does not allow you to specify a hall or room type preference. 
    • At the point you reach the top of the AQ, you will be assigned to the next space that is available for use. 
  2. The AQ application requires full payment of the pre-payment and housing application fee in order to take your spot in line on the actual AQ. 
    • You won’t be assigned a number on the AQ until you make the payment to complete your application
  3. Students can review their position and progress on the AQ through the Assignment Queue Status link in eHousing. 
    • Once you complete the application, you will be able to find out where you fall in line on the AQ.

In keeping with UNT’s first year residency requirement, UNT Housing intends to accommodate all incoming freshmen on the AQ.  Freshmen on the AQ will receive priority assignment in freshman residence halls. 

First year students may not make off-campus housing arrangements.