UNT CAN (Collaborative Action for the Neurodiverse) cohort housing provides an opportunity for students who self-advocate as being neurodivergent to participate in a peer-based program focused on delivering individualized, wrap-around services within the residence hall.

UNT CAN cohort members can expect to:

  • Be partnered with a peer mentor
  • Have the opportunity to attend group counseling sessions within the residence halls that provide support from a professional counselor from UNT Counseling and Testing Services (CTS). 
  • Identify and develop meaningful interpersonal skills and cultivate career skills through individualized, skill-strengthening programs 
  • Advance educational career in a conducive, supportive, and tailored learning environment.  

The UNT CAN cohort is an interdisciplinary, collaborative program supported by:

Following acceptance of a UNT CAN application, students will receive further instructions to complete the Housing application for assignment to UNT CAN housing through the eHousing portal.

For more information about UNT CAN, contact us by email at via our UNT CAN email