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Jazz Studies

Jazz Studies

Do you want to be a part of a thriving community dedicated to UNT's top-tier Jazz Studies program? If so, you might consider the Jazz Studies Living-Learning Community. This community is home to a talented group of musicians who seek to refine their craft, develop their improvisation skills, and become a well-rounded musician. Whether you're a Jazz Studies major, a music composition, education, or performance major, or just interested in these areas, this wing will provide you with a tight-knit community who all share a common interest in music, especially Jazz, and the Living-Learning Community Faculty Mentor for this particular community is Gabriel Evens, the pianist for the famed One O'Clock Lab Band!

If you were to join the Living-Learning Community for Jazz Studies students, you would encounter the following:

  • Programs at your hall put on by Jazz Studies faculty/staff, which will deal specifically with your major.
  • A field trip each semester, where you'll be able to visit a location that coincides with your interest in music.
  • The opportunity to get to know Jazz/Music faculty in a less intimidating and more social setting.
  • A chance to connect with other musicians and possibly form small groups to play with on the wing as well as a private combo/practice room on your wing.
  • Weekly jam sessions in the Bruce Hall Concert Hall that give residents a chance to play other genres of music, as well as meeting new people, showing off their skills, and just enjoying the music-playing experience with fellow performers.

The Jazz Studies Living-Learning Community is housed in Bruce Hall for the 2016 - 2017 year.  The wing is only a short distance from the practice modules, which any Bruce resident can use, and the hall itself is located right across the street from the Music Building.