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Career Exploration

Exploring Majors

What do I want to study? Why is it so hard to decide? How can I figure out my major? What career can I pursue? If these are questions you are asking, it's a great place to be! You can take time to explore all your major options and find the major that is the best fit for you!

The University of North Texas has numerous resources and opportunities to support your "Major" decision. One of those opportunities is the Exploring Majors REAL Community. This community provides an environment where you will be living in the same hallway with other students who are also exploring their major options. While living in the same community, you will be provided with support from a faculty mentor and other UNT staff. Major exploration, advising assistance, and career development will be provided in an environment in which you can work through this important decision.

Possible activities and programs include:

  • Meets and greets
  • Taking classes together
  • Common Career Development course
  • Professional Presentations from UNT and Denton Community
  • Study Groups
  • Academic Advising

In What Matters in College: Four Critical Years Revisited, Alexander Astin states that "the student's peer group is the single most potent source of influence on growth and development during the undergraduate years." The Exploring Majors REAL Community will provide a new network of friends, a connection to the university, and a plan for declaring your major!