Residence Life

Living Learning Communities

REAL student

LLC's are communities within the residence halls that bring students together who share the same major or interest.

The goal of the Living Learning Communities program is to enhance students’ education at the University of North Texas by creating learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Besides living on a wing with other students who share the same academic interest, a Living Learning Community resident would be able to attend programs and activities that focus on their major or thematic interest, meet and get to know UNT faculty outside of the typical professor-student environment, enroll in classes with their peers on the wing, and much more.

If you are interested, look in to more information about specific Living Learning communities and check our Frequently Asked Questions page for general knowledge about the program.

Student Organizations

RHA program

The Residence Hall Association is composed of individual hall association that are responsible for programs and events to build a community in their individual halls. 

UNT’s Residence Hall Association (RHA) unifies each individual hall association into one campus-wide student organization. RHA sponsors cultural, recreational, social, and educational events, promotes UNT school pride, and represents student opinions about residence life issues to the Housing administration and the larger campus community.

Housing programming utilizes a programming model geared toward the holistic development of the student and the community. Most programs are provided free to residents and provide opportunities for residents to grow socially, culturally, and educationally while interacting with their peers and having fun.

RHA: Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association is a governing body composed of the executive officers from each hall association. Their purpose is to promote hall pride, provide a high standard of living through programming, and establish a forum for the exchange of ideas.

Visit the RHA Website through UNT OrgSync.  

RLAC: Residence Life Advisor Council

The Residence Life Advisor Council serves resident assistants, facility assistants, housing ambassadors, by unifying them through various social and educational activities. The organization serves as a liaison to housing administration with the aim of improving the challenging job of residence life advisors.

NRHH: National Residence Hall Honorary

Our local chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary exists to recognize outstanding leadership, service and dedication to the residence hall system. NRHH members also perform valuable community service in Denton.